Review: BOBBY’S Hot and Cheesy hits the spot

IMG_5280 If you’ve been to the Towers Shopping Center in Roanoke lately, you may have noticed a new addition: BOBBY’S Hot & Cheesy. At first glance, I thought it was a macaroni and cheese restaurant, but quickly realized the “hot” and “cheesy” is referring to pizza! That’s okay, pizza is just as good as mac and cheese.

According to BOBBY’S Hot & Cheesy’s Facebook page, the restaurant is owned by the same people who own the cupcake shop Bubblecake next door.  Though there are a few walls decorated, my first impression walking in was that the decor may not be completely finished. But I could be wrong, maybe they could be going for a very minimalist look.

The menu has several options, but not too many to be overwhelming. They serve several different pizzas, pizza salad, kid options, and beer/wine on tap and frozen sangrias.

We ended up choosing the “hot fun guy” which is a flatbread pizza with garlic mushrooms, fresh thyme, jalapenos & cheese. We also went with a simple pepperoni pizza, a coke, and a water. The total for everything was $24.  Not bad.


Hot fun guy pizza and pepperoni pizza.

After we ordered, we sat and waited for maybe 10 minutes. They brought our pizzas out to us and I immediately commented that we could probably have shared one of the pizzas, but my dining partner (MDP) laughed and said he wanted a whole pizza to himself. But really, the pizzas are pretty big (12 inches). Unless you are really hungry, you probably can split the pizza with a friend.

IMG_5296.JPGMDP likes really simple and classic flatbread pizzas and this one was right up his alley. He ate the entire thing. When I asked him about how it tasted he said the pizza definitely lived up to its name, it came out hot and cheesy. The sauce is not very acidic like other sauces can be. The pepperonis were delish with crispy edges. The crust had a nice crunch but a very fluffy soft interior.

I like my pizza to have more variety and be spicy. I felt I made the right choice by going with the hot fun guy pizza. The only thing I thought was missing was hot sauce, but BOBBY’s had the next best thing, a giant jar of red pepper flakes that you could scoop out yourself and put into a plastic container. Once I dumped that on my pizza, I thought it was almost perfect. But then I felt like I was missing a dipping sauce. I asked one of the employees about dipping sauce and he offered me ranch, marina, or white sauce. I chose ranch and I was satisfied. The pizza was excellent and I even saved some for lunch tomorrow.

IMG_5317I can’t say enough about the employees at BOBBY’s. They are top notch. They consistently checked on us and made sure we had everything we needed and refilled our drinks for us. Their amazing attitudes and helpfulness really matched the overall vibe of BOBBY’s.

Speaking of vibes, what does the pizza shop think of themselves?

The following is how the pizza shop describes themselves on their website:

“BOBBY’S is a SOLID salad, pizza and wine eatery. Fresh, real, approachable, often healthy, and at the same time insanely gluttonous food. The stuff you truly want to eat, because you happen to be hungry.”

We totally felt the vibe of BOBBY’s was approachable, simple, but fun.



They also knew what they were doing when they opened up the wall between BOBBY’S and Bubblecakes. It made the temptation to end our meal with something sweet hard to resist.

The presentation of the desserts at Bubblecakes is so beautiful, it’s almost impossible not to pick something out. I chose the lavender blackberry lemon cupcake and my dining partner chose a baby size chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.


Lavender blackberry lemon cupcake

I’m a sucker for anything lavender scented, so the lavender blackberry lemon cupcake smelled so heavenly to me. I offered it to MDP and he jokingly said, “lavender is a scent, not a flavor”, but I think the cupcake was scented beautifully and flavored really well. The lemon cake of the cupcake was just the right amount of fluffy and moist.

IMG_5307We overall really enjoyed our experience at BOBBY’s and Bubblecakes. But I will warn you, we had to walk it off for an hour afterward because we may have indulged too much.

So my advice when visiting BOBBY’s is to go there hungry and expect a relaxed fun atmosphere with excellent service.

If you are interested in going, here are the deets:

Location: 2071 Colonial Ave SW (Towers Shopping Center)
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Phone: 540.795.4217

We will be back to try the other menu items! Check out our slideshow of our experience below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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