New brewery hopes to move into Old Southwest Roanoke neighborhood


The West End Flats could be the new home of a new brewery.

If everything goes according to plan, the Old Southwest Neighborhood will be the home to Roanoke’s newest brewery.

The micro-brewery called “A Few Old Goats Brewing, LLC” have submitted their application to the City of Roanoke Planning Building and Development.

The application requests a “special exception” to locate the micro-brewery in the now vacant commercial space at the West End Flats.

A Few Old Goats Brewing says in the application they have already reached out to the people who live in the West End Flats and passed out fliers to share their plans.

“The brewery plans to host a variety of events such as painting, wood carving, yoga, pub runs, and other activities to organizations who will serve the residents of Old Southwest.” – AFOGB Zoning Application

As far as the space goes, the application states that the owners hope to fit 113 people in the brewery (66 inside and 47 outside in the green space).

They say not a lot needs to be done to accommodate the brewery, but they will have to make small improvements like making the bathrooms bigger, installing a brewing system, and bar area, etc.

plans for brewery

Plans for what the brewery will look like. Courtesy: City application.

The brewery plans to be open in the late afternoon and close by 9 p.m. on weeknights and 10 p.m. on the weekends.

Right now they don’t have much of a social media/web presence. The only thing I could dig up online is they are listed as a home brewer on a beer review site and they made small batches of beer for a grand opening for Southern Hills Home Brew back in 2015, according to this Reddit post.

UPDATE (as of 10/20): AFOGB have officially launched their social media presence.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

A Few Old Goates Brewing’s application will be either approved or denied by the Board of Zoning Appeals after a public hearing on November 8.

WDBJ7 posted a video of what AFOGB looks like right now, check it out:


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