Star City Trucks Stop review by a vegetarian

IMG_5890I decided to check out the Star City Trucks Stop to see what Roanoke’s food truck scene is all about. As a vegetarian, I usually don’t have much luck with food trucks as they don’t usually provide vegetarian options, so I didn’t know what to expect.

The Star City Trucks Stop was held in the parking lot of Village Grill in Grandin Village right next to Scratch Biscuit on Sunday, October 22 from noon to 5 p.m.

We had no trouble finding parking nearby and walked right on over. The first thing we noticed was a lot of people walking away from the food trucks with food in their hands, that made me think maybe there weren’t enough options for people to eat at the food truck event.

The event was free and as we walked in we had someone check our id’s and give us wristbands that indicated we were over 21.

IMG_5887My first impression as we walked in was there were so many choices! I liked the variety of trucks. There were a few burger trucks, a few barbecue trucks, a gourmet grilled cheese truck, a Mexican food truck, a cupcake food truck, a Korean food truck, and Tai food truck. I looked at each of the menus and was pleasantly surprised to find that several of the food trucks offered vegetarian and vegan options.

I was torn between a gourmet grilled cheese at the Dojo Grill food truck or a vegan mushroom wrap from Rick’s Wrap it UP food truck. Ultimately, I went with the Mushroom South of the Border wrap from Rick’s Wrap it UP. I paid for it and went to buy a drink,  by the time I came back, less than 5 minutes later – my wrap was ready. I was surprised I didn’t have to wait around very long. There was a stand-up table near me that two people invited us to because they were leaving. They commented that there weren’t many places to set down food in the food truck area so they wanted us to have their spots. I was incredibly grateful at how kind they were to make sure we had a place to eat. We paid forward the favor when we were done eating.

My wrap was good and the person I was with enjoyed their barbecue.

Overall it was a good experience and I’m glad to know the food trucks in the area are aware that vegetarians exist 🙂

Check out our slide show of the event here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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