Humm Kombucha coming to Roanoke!


There are a few things in life (besides working out) that make me feel like I have my life together and am living a healthy lifestyle. One is drinking fresh squeezed green juice and the other is drinking kombucha.

In case you are wondering what kombucha is if you haven’t jumped on the kombucha wagon yet, kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented green or black tea that has several health benefits like aiding digestion and immune boosting, etc.

So I am a big fan of kombucha done right. So this afternoon, I was excited when I heard that a pretty big kombucha company “Humm Kombucha” based out of Bend, Oregon has chosen Roanoke to build their East Coast manufacturing facility. They will build their $10 million facility in the Roanoke Centre for Industry and Technology, according to a press release.

My hope is they also build a kombucha tap room, how cool would that be? I’m super excited that something as trendy as a kombucha brewer would choose Roanoke to locate here. I also love what the owners Michelle Mitchell and Jamie Danek said in a press release about why they chose Roanoke:

“Roanoke is filled with genuinely good people. They love Roanoke, have so much pride in where they live and many simply wouldn’t live anywhere else. Their outdoor amenities and culture are a huge part of their day to day. This environment and vibe is very similar to Bend. Aligning with a similar culture is a must to the ethos of our company. Combine that with Roanoke’s central location and the low cost of doing business there, and we’ve found the perfect second home for Humm.”

I love their description of the people of Roanoke having pride in where they live, because I know I have a ton of pride in living in this amazing city.

To celebrate the announcement today, I stopped by Target where Humm Kombucha is sold, so I could try it out. There were at least five flavors to choose from and I picked blueberry mint. It was a good choice because it was so good! Now I can’t wait to try more knowing I will be supporting a future Roanoke company.

With both Deschutes and Humm Kombucha coming here from Oregon because they love the vibe, it makes me think I would love the vibe in Bend, Oregon. Maybe I should visit soon!


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