Brunch review: Famous Toastery in Roanoke


We recently checked out one of the newest breakfast spots in the Roanoke area called Famous Toastery. It’s a franchise restaurant located in the Keagy Village shopping center on 5010 Keagy Road in Roanoke. It opened in early December.

We went on a Sunday morning looking for some brunch. It was pretty packed but we were able to be seated right away. The first thing we were told was “every server is your server”. We weren’t entirely sure what that meant, but the concept ended up working in our favor because we had a lot of people checking in on us and made sure we had everything we needed.


Complimentary cornbread and apple butter.

The menu is expansive and the prices are reasonable with each meal costing on average around $10 each. One side of the menu features breakfast items and the other offers lunch options. The breakfast choices include your typical items like eggs, potatoes, omelets, pancakes, and bacon. The lunch side offers salads, sandwiches, wraps, and burgers. I was pleased with the variety of vegetarian options.

While we were deciding on what to eat, a server brought us a plate of complimentary cornbread and apple butter. It was absolutely delicious! We gobbled it up and a server brought us more.


Burrito with homemade salsa

I ordered the burrito with homemade salsa: eggs tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheddar all wrapped in a tortilla and salsa. Potatoes did not come with the meal so I ordered a side of potatoes. The burrito was very tasty and the little bowl of salsa was perfect to dip it in. The breakfast potatoes were fine, they reminded me of the potatoes my mom makes at home. I just prefer my potatoes to be a little crispier.

My dining partner ordered two fried eggs, bacon, white toast, grits, and pancake on the side. He loved it! It hit the right spot for him. We shared the pancake. It was fluffy, covered in powdered sugar, and I would definitely recommend it.

IMG_5056The service was awesome. We were impressed that as we were ordering the food our server was inputting our order onto a tablet that was sent to the kitchen in real-time. I’ve been at restaurants before where the server forgets to put the order into the computer, this would be impossible here! It probably cuts down on mistakes on the orders because the order is going straight from the customer’s mouth to the server’s ear and straight to the tablet.

The decor was bright and airy with large windows on one side. The vibes and energy were great.

I highly recommend the Famous Toastery in Roanoke.

Want to go?

The Famous Toastery: 540-595-7027

5010 Keagy Road, Suite E200 Roanoke, Virginia, VA 24018

Check out their menu here.


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